However it does have some extra issues involved over a 16V in converting it to run in a north-south direction. The general conversion steps are listed that are shared with the 16V and of course the problems that are particular to the 20V engine. For a complete list of parts that we can offer for this conversion please see here. For AE86 and AE71 cars that came standard with a 4AC or a 4age 16V the original mounts, gearbox and crossmember will also suit all of other A-series Toyota engines such as the 4age 20V.

For the KE70 it is however more difficult as it needs to have the clutch converted to a hydraulic unit, new engine mounting and a different gearbox installed. To convert to the hydraulic clutch mechanism a different pedal box, clutch master cylinder, metal clutch line, flex line and slave cylinder need to be fitted.

starlet 4age swap

To make the mounting compatible the cross-member, gearbox, gearbox mount and rear half of the tail-shaft all need to be changed. Luckily all of the needed parts can be sourced out of either an AE71 or AE86 for the required conversion, although these are sometimes hard to find and hence sold for rather high prices.

It is of note that the AE86, AE71 manual and automatic engine crossmembers are all identical. With the use of different velocity stacks and modifications it is possible to make one of these original airboxes work, this however is a particularly difficult job in a right hand drive car.

The most common route is to completely remove all of the airbox and fit new velocity stacks and a with a combined or four individual filters. More on these options further down. We offer both Silvertop and Blacktop stacks in our store. The single best all round velocity stack length for 4age engines is mm.

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All other factors ignored there is no benefit of going shorter than this length. Fitting something like a 75mm length will not give more power in the upper end. However it is quite often a necessity to compromise this due to physical clearance. A 70mm velocity stack can be fitted but this leaves no room for any type of filtration.

The suggested solution is to then run a 50mm length with a slide on filter with an internal spring. WARNING: There are some very cheap velocity stacks on ebay, while some actually look good all of the ones we have seen are of a very poor quality.Login or Sign Up Log in with. Search in titles only. Posts Latest Activity.

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Group F Rally Starlet with a 4A-GE Inline-Four

Figured it was finally time to throw up a build thread. The slight downward angle on them does not work in the Starlet with the 4age sitting completely level. Anyways, here are some pictures showing how I got it to where it is. Those pictures are from a little while ago.

I'll have some more photos once the carbs go back on and I get it running and out on the street. Plans now are basicially suspension as soon as possible, and than a full roll cage and getting it race prepped.

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Tags: None. Makes me want to get another kp. Comment Cancel Post. Good start you have going there man. It's always cool to see carb'd 4AGE's. Let us know how the suspension goes as I am considering the same setup.

Sweet car! Love the "green top" 4age :P. The more Starlets I see, the more I like them. This is shaping up to be a very cool car. Loving it! Any pics of the trans mount? Im in the middle of "correcting" a 4age swapped KP at the moment. Previous owner Mickey Moused everything! Also, did you have any trouble mounting those T3 adapters? The holes on the passenger side mount on mine were incorrectly drilled so I had to redrill it. Looks good btw!

Tranny mount was completely custom, didnt use either the KP or AE mount. Was a bit of a tight fit on the passenger side as well, but got it in without redrilling.

Ah, so they are ACE! Guess I didnt look close enough. Thanks for the info! How did you mount the trans mount to the body? Is it pretty solid? Thanks again!By selectAugust 21, in Classic Toyota. Im on my way to geting a kp60 or kp61 pretty much the same with 4k and k50 gearbox. I'l run it like this for a couple of months until I save up about k new zealand dollars so I can do a 4age conversion. I know people have done this before, I just want to get some information on it aye like all the little details I should watch out for.

I can pick up a 4age block at about dollars so Have a look at www. They do all sorts, including engine mounts for the KP, corolla strut conversions etc. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL.

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Classic Toyota Search In. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Posted August 21, Hey, hows it going? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted August 24, Posted September 25, Join the conversation You can post now and register later.

Reply to this topic Go To Topic Listing. Sign In Sign Up.Login or Sign Up Log in with. Search in titles only. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 2. Filtered by:. Well, had it out to a local autocross today. Needs suspension, carbs were running lean, modified Starlet dizzy is giving me trouble and timing is way off, detonation shattered the electrode on one of my plugs at some point, but all in all it was still tons of fun!

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Haha, enjoy the pics. Comment Cancel Post. Awesome pics man, get a proper suspension on there and it will be sweet! Well, since I had switched the plates over to a Volvo Turbo I bought about a month ago, but have had no luck selling the Starlet, I decided to put it back on the road until winter, enjoy it since I still have it.

Finally got around to mounting the replica TRD rear spoiler, here's a few fresh pics of the car:. Well, the car never sold, so work begins again. Plans now are to install new suspension, flares, and repaint the car. Began the tear down on it. Stock bumpers will not be going back on, instead, I am planning a custom front and rear bumper set-up.

The stock plastic ones are way too bulky. Did you adapt your own distributor or did you buy it done? Could you take picture of mounting plate if you get a chance? Nice KP!

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Re: 82' KP61 Starlet - 4age swap damned nice starlet and swap! Re: 82' KP61 Starlet - 4age swap Damn. Re: 82' KP61 Starlet - 4age swap One awesome project you have there.

Nice suspension choice also! Re: 82' KP61 Starlet - 4age swap Thou, in some odd way wish you had kept it a shade of some type blue. I think you did a great job on it all, looks very clean. I have to say I am not opposed to the way you did the valve covers, I think it added a big of charactor. Previous 1 2 Next.My Starlet page The plans for the three engines to go into the Starlet. There are a few other engines I'm going to be fitting to the car, as time goes by. More on that next section.

The head that I'm going to use is from the largely despised 7AFE. There's a very poor one that's by far the most common and they have rather small inlet ports that come out low on the inlet side and so the angles the air has to go through to get to the combustion chamber is extremely poor indeed. Those heads are boat anchors. They use the Toyota TVIS device to try to improve the low-end torque without sacrificing the top-end power.

They have a lot more potential as the ports go into the head at a steep angle and so have the opportunity to flow a lot more air. The port angle into the head is similar to the 20 valve 4AGE, but of course they only have the two inlet valves.

Both this head and the type above have the fuel injectors either in the head or remotely out in the inlet manifold. The head in question is pictured below, and as you can see it only has a single inlet port per cylinder, but they also go into the head at a rather steep angle.

This makes for a damn good inlet port for not a lot of work. Again there are two types for this head, but the variations are only relatively minor changes in the port bifurcation divider and bolt hole bumps in the port.

However, the combustion chamber will need a lot of work to make it produce a lot of power. I've looked at a lot of different types of engines and found certain consistancies with squish areas that I will be using when finishing the chamber.

I'll also be trying some Formula One style tricks with the chamber. This means a complicated piston top shape, and hopefully I can get exactly what I want made.

The exhaust ports will also need a lot of work, but fortunately the work that needs to be done makes them end up all the same gives them a very efficient shape. I have found a standard 31mm Toyota bucket that uses no shims at all it has a small 'stem' underneath that is trimmed to the right length to get the right valve clearance and so is very light indeed.

Yes, they will weigh more than a shorter rod but I'll be getting the new ones made up at PAR Engineering in Sydney, though the weight will be largely offset as they're titanium.

The engine will also be completed in three stages - 1. Wet-sumped with a Motec M4 Pro running four injectors that sit in the inlet manifold. This is mainly to set-up the engine and run it in carefully, as I have less things to go wrong as it will in the final configuration. I have some plans for the system on this engine that make it very simple and far fewer parts than they usually have.

This makes it lighter and hopefully more reliable. The second set of four injectors to be fitted. The engine will end up with eight injectors, four in the inlet manifold behind the throttle butterflys and another four out in the end of the inlet trumpets. There is a little more power to be gained by doing this, but it's complicated and will take some time to get right with the sequencing of primary and secondary injectors.

This is why I don't want to run the engine in with it in this configuration as there is a greater chance of getting it wrong and causing damage. It was also get a Motec M48 to run it at this point.

starlet 4age swap

The con-rods, as I type this, are nearly done and are being made by a company down south. A friend of mine is getting an identical set of rods from them as well, and we've been waiting for well over a year for them now.

Neither of us in very happy about this at all and while I'm not in any particular hurry for them, he has missed several important dates for the car as he can't put the engine together. We're getting them through a dealer closer to home and he's been fine, but I will not be doing business with that company down south ever again.I have been told by fensport that the driveshafts of the Starlet is different to other toyotas My questions are the basics like do you know of anyone that has done it before that i could ask, i've asked on the austarlet club, but no reply currently.

I'll look into that. Fensport have given me a number of a guy up north whos done this conversion, so ill speak to him aswell. No reply yet on the aussie site. Been think about this conversion for a long time, havent I Joz?

Will be good to see what is needed for future reference. Ahh, cool man, yer, i've spoken to some people, one person in particular is a guy named simon. He put a 3sgte engine into a starlet and he was jus talking me through what he did. I think my mechanic has a way round the driveshafts but we shall see. I should be ordering the engine on monday tomorrow but they say its something like 2 weeks delivery atm because they quite busy with gearboxes n stuff I shall inform you of any progress in the extreme ep rides section when there is news.

Austarletclub hasnt replied tho di low. But thanks for your comments, let us know how its going aswell morgey! Its cool man. Looking forward to what you come up with guys. Yer, thanks guys.

Group F Rally Starlet with a 4A-GE Inline-Four

I read someone else's post about something similar and they said to contact 4agze because hes done it. I sent one person a direct message he's called 4agze or somthing like that, but no reply yet, but i think ive found out enough now. The engine has been ordered from fensport and shall arrive 1 week wednesday. Let the plans commence! If your interested you can work out a price. Those prices dont include VAT tho. Hope it helps dude, when are you doing yours? Still undecided on what to do, was going to build a 5efte over a year or so then drop it in but the black top has also been on the cards fro a while.

Would the GZE be possible? However, the guy i spoke to on the phone about when he put a 3sgte into a starlet, said it isnt worth the hassle, and he said he isn't going to do it again lol. But he said mine should be easier as its a smaller engine and i dont have a turbo to worry about lol. The 4agze is possible, its been done, jus recieved an email from a guy from the aussie forum that i directly emailed, he's done it and has a site.

I was considering the supercharged version before, but i decided not to go for it. The only difference in the power is the supercharger delivers much more torque, but with such a light and small car, your more likely to get alot of wheelspin at the start, thats what turned me away, but its all up to you man.

Either way it'll be interesting to see what you do. Yeah as said above anything is possible, I think I saw something like this on www. Where as a 20v 4agte would be insane!


You need to cut one of the chassis rails to get it to fit. You will not get it in there without cutting.Privacy Terms. Quick links. I have found the following Toyota engines that may be adapted to the Tercel trans and engine mounts, with the 3a for comparison: 3a cc 62hp rpm 75 Ft-lb rpm 4ac cc 73hp rpm 86 ft-lb rpm 4afe cc hp rpm ft-lb rpm 4age cc hp rpm 97 ft-lb rpm early 16v version 4age cc hp rpm ft-lb rpm later 20v version 5afe cc hp rpm ft-lb rpm 7afe cc hp rpm ft-lb rpm Note: some of these numbers are different depending on the source of info comments: I want to get rid of the carb and go to EFI all of these engines except the 4ac are EFIand I would like more power, especially at the low end for daily driving and off road use any of these would be an improvement in that department.

The better breathing valve head design is also desirable. It has excellent low end torque, but at higher rpms. The early version has a 6 bolt crank that will take the 3a flywheel, and it has EFI. There are lots of performance parts available for it. But it will have to be converted to distributorless ignition or I will have to heavily modify the firewall, and the intake manifold needs a custom built air induction, and I will need to make a custom header.

It should bolt in, and it has a lot of performance parts available for it. The bad is it is less common and very popular for upgrading other Toyota models, therefore highly sought after and more expensive, it has a very peaky torque curve very unsuited for off-road, I will also have to make a custom exhaust header.

The same can also be said for the later valve version, but the torque at least occurs at a lower RPM, and for that one I would also have to have a custom flywheel made, or alter the 3a flywheel to the 8 bolt version.

The valve version might also overpower and destroy the Tercel trans and drive train. I do not know if it will bolt-in or not, the block appears similar in design, and it has a nice compact intake manifold that should fit in the Tercel good. IIRC the starter is also in the same location as in the Tercel, so it might even be possible to use the stock exhaust manifold with only a custom head pipe.

This engine is not made by Toyota, it is contracted to a Korean company, so quality is unknown. Does anyone know any more about this engine? I think it comes in the Paseo 7afe: This is a larger bore and stroke version the 4afe. It has the same basic design and should bolt in exactly the same as the 3a or 4ac, it also has a 6 bolt crank shaft, so it appears the 3a flywheel will just bolt on. It has excellent power and a great torque curve for off-road.

It too is very common and should be inexpensive to buy, and there should be a lot of performance parts available for it. The disadvantage is it looks much heavier because the block is taller longer stroke which may also create installation issues, especially with the oil pan and the Tercel cross member, and with hood clearance. It will also need a custom built exhaust header and induction system.

starlet 4age swap

Of all of these, the 7afe looks like the best bet, except it will likely add the most weight which I do not want and all that power and torque might make it a trans eater.